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Please use coin-operated parking nearby.

“ Hohjyun”

Mellow Soy Sauce Ramen

Soup made with whole chicken and seafood
JPY1,000 (tax included)


Light Salt Ramen

Whole chicken, seafood and shellfish soup 
JPY1,000 (tax included)

“ Umaawa ”

Paitan white soup Ramen

Paitan is a soup made by simmering chicken, seafood,  etc.
Over high heat for a long period of time
to make it cloudy.
JPY1,000 (tax included)

Egg and rice omelette style

Caramelized Duck Stuffed Wontons

Assorted Chashu pork

Patinated Chashu pork

Seared Pork

Sapporo Beer Black Label
350ml can JPY500-
Wine decanter service red/white
250ml JPY500-

Noodles play a leading role

Mature noodle with water added to the maximum limit.

+Hand-kneaded noodles

We make our own noodles every day using a blend of Hokkaido’s “Yumechikara” super-strength wheat and medium-strength flour.
The noodles are made using a noodle-making machine for udon noodles, with water added to the maximum limit, and are slowly aged to give them a smooth texture that is not usually found in ramen noodles, and a chewy, chewy feel.
The noodles are hand-kneaded just before boiling to make them limp, so that the soup stock is thoroughly entangled in the noodles.
Roasted wheat bran, which is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, is kneaded into the noodles to give them a savory taste and nutritional value that is gentle on the body.

Soy Sauce (Kikkosakai)

We use wooden bucket soy sauce, re-finished soy sauce, and handmade soy sauce malt from Ameikaze Soy Sauce, which has been in business for 300 years in its hometown of Tsukuno-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai City.


It is an original salted fish sauce based on sun-dried salt and bittern salt, combined with the flavor of seafood knots and slow-roasted clams.

Soup stock

We have prepared three types of soup stock to enhance the taste of our aged rice noodles.
Each soup stock has been extracted to maximize its flavor so that it can be well blended with the rich, rich rice noodles.
Seafood broth dashi
We use kelp from the eastern part of the North Sea, grilled flying fish, grilled dried sardines, mackerel, saury, bonito, and several other kinds of dried bonito shavings to extract the umami from the soup stock.
Round Chicken Soup
Japanese whole chicken and chicken oil from the parent chickens are used to create a rich, mellow soup.
Shellfish broth
Scallions are slowly roasted to condense their flavor, which is then combined with the deliciousness of scallops.

Chashu pork

Japanese pork and chicken are seasoned with shoyu malt and cooked slowly at low temperature in a vacuum to make them moist and tender.

The concept of Retroya

Learning from the past

“We value (learn) the good old things and create new value (form)…”
A private house built in the early Showa period was renovated into a restaurant, keeping the original form as much as possible.
Enjoy a slightly matured taste of Teuchi-style ramen noodles while reminiscing about the good old days (retro)….


We start with what we can do at our small noodle shop.

11. “Creating a town where people can continue to live” We are challenging to revitalize townhouses in historic Sakai and create a new type of town development.
12. “Responsibility to make and use” We extract the maximum flavor from the ingredients by using healthful seafood knots as the base of the soup stock.
We minimize the amount of residual material (such as the residue left after straining the soup stock) in order to protect the global environment.
We aim for zero waste by setting a daily sales volume.

Our Wishes

Each bowl of ramen is made by the owner alone with all his heart and soul.
Please understand that you may have to wait for a while.
We want our customers to enjoy “Retoroya’s” “Teuchiryu Ramen” in a healthier and tastier way.
With this in mind, we will continue our daily research and development.
We look forward to your continued patronage of “Retoroya”.

Dear Valued Customers